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21-05-20 Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations reports progress and growing support

Following the submission of its Ride COVID Safe White Paper to the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, last week, progress has been made and support is growing. >

14-05-20 The UK’s leading motorcycle rider groups call on the Government to recognise the role of motorcycling during the COVID-19 crisis

The country’s largest motorcycling organisations have today jointly submitted a White Paper to the Secretary of State, Grant Shapps, and to each of the three devolved administrations. >

13-05-20 MAG welcomes a statement by the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP, in support of using motorcycles

MAG has praised the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, for recognising motorcycles in the UK transport mix. In response to a question by Julian Lewis – MP for New Forest East and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Motorcycling - Mr Shapps agreed that motorbikes play a key role in delivering billions of commuting miles in the country. >

06-05-20 MAG urges Government not to overlook motorcycles in plans to ease lockdown

MAG has criticised the omission of motorcycles in indications of Government thinking around transport in the transition from lockdown back to normality. Claiming that the “New Normal” may not be anything like that proposed by many lobby groups, MAG calls for clearer thinking >

01-05-20 A big thank you and an important rally update

MAG has been overwhelmed by the generous donations of some of those who would have been attending the Into The Valley rally this weekend, and we wish to thank you all for your thoughtful contributions. We are so grateful for the amazing support that will help enable us to continue fighting for riders’ rights. >

29-04-20 Motorcycle groups develop a united response to Oxfordshire County Council's anti-motorcycle bias

Many Oxfordshire motorcyclists already know that Oxfordshire County Council is conducting a survey regarding its future Local Transport and Connectivity Plan 5 and asks for responses to 28 papers on various aspects of the plan. >

27-04-20 MAG calls for a weight-based Vehicle Excise Duty system

MAG has revealed its position on Vehicle Excise Duty. Proposing a universal system based purely on vehicle weight, MAG says it is promoting a system that meets all the goals of the Government whilst offering a long-term solution that addresses far more than just a single vehicle emission problem. >

22-04-20 MAG praises Oxfordshire County Council for revising motorcycle proposals following feedback from MAG

In a major motorcycling breakthrough, MAG has welcomed a rethink by Oxfordshire County Council following significant input from MAG and local bikers about blatant anti-motorcycle bias regarding their Local Transport and Connectivity Plan. >

17-04-20 MAG exposes ‘blatant anti-motorcycle bias’ in Oxfordshire County Council

MAG has formally requested that Oxfordshire County Council withdraw part of its Local Transport and Connectivity Plan documentation after discovering ‘jaw-droppingly inappropriate’ accusations against bikers in their document. >

16-04-20 MAG’s work continues during country’s lockdown

During these unprecedented times, MAG will still have its foot on the gas working for motorcycling, due to the support of its amazing members. >

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