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30-11-18 MAG meets Mayor Khan: and itís good news

MAG has held a long-awaited meeting with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The result of the exchange gives room for optimism amongst the motorcycling community. >

20-11-18 MAG on Government approach to bike theft: Ďlucky in London, lazy in Britainí

MAG has been fighting motorcycle theft - and challenged the Home Office to do more. The Governmentís self-congratulatory approach was condemned by MAGís Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown. >

18-11-18 MAG asks: Road Safety - what do you think?

As motorcyclists, we donít ride out hoping to be killed or seriously injured. We all have a vested interest in staying alive. So whatís gone wrong with the road safety agenda, and why are we made to feel like the accused instead of the victims? >

16-11-18 MAG asks: Clean Air Zones - logic or tragic?

MAG claims modal shift to motorcycles reduces congestion and pollution in the UK. MAGís guidance document clearly shows the evidence - in a manner that hasnít been challenged by ANY audience so far. What do YOU think? >

15-11-18 MAG asks: Bus Lanes - to bike or not to bike?

AG asks: do you want us to continue our successful campaign for motorcycle access to bus lanes? Nationally, more and more transport authorities are seeing the sense in adopting a bus lanes access policy for bikers, with Nottingham City Council the latest to announce a trial. >

12-11-18 MAG revs up for NEC Motorcycle Live show

MAG is gearing up for this yearís Motorcycle Live show, which is one of the countryís premier annual motorcycle events >

30-10-18 MAG calls for a consistent approach to bus lane access

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has published a report this week detailing the national picture on powered two wheeler (PTW) access to bus lanes. The report demonstrates an inconsistent and patchwork approach to access that inevitably leads to confusion, mistakes and, ultimately, increased risk for riders. >

22-10-18 MAG welcomes further CAZ exemptions for motorcycles

On 16th October 2018 Bath & North East Somerset Council launched a six-week consultation on proposals to charge drivers of higher-emission vehicles, including cars, £9 per day to drive within Bath city centre. In the wake of MAGís victory in Birmingham, the Bath & North East Somerset Council is proposing, from the outset, to exempt all motorcycles and mopeds from the scheme. >

18-10-18 MAG Slams Nick Hurdís Optimism on Motorcycle Theft

MAG has questioned the optimism shown by the Home Office Press Release on Moped Crime, pointing out that the underlying national problem of motorcycle theft has been, and looks set to continue being, totally ignored. MAG has been involved in the Home Office Roundtable process from the beginning and has consistently highlighted flaws in the thought processes of the initiative. >

03-10-18 West Midlands MAG develop vital lines of communication with West Midlands Police.

With the ever present issue of motorcycle theft and related crime in the region, West Midlands MAG is pleased to announce that it is developing a formal communications channel between West Midlands Police and the local motorcycling community. >

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