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21-04-17 MAG Asks Parties: What Do You Offer 5 Million Bikers?

MAG is approaching the political parties to ask them: what will you do for the millions of bikers who are voters too? >

10-04-17 MAG Challenges Polluted Thinking About Motorbikes

MAG invites riders to participate in the crucial consultation over potentially disastrous charges in London for riders who own older motorcycles. >

07-04-17 MAG asks: is Brent the most bike-friendly borough in London?

MAG has praised the decision by Brent Council in London to allow bikes in bus lanes for a trial period. >

30-03-17 MAG presents to All Party Motorcycle Group

MAG's Campaigns and Policy Adviser, Dr Leon Mannings, presented MAG’s riders’ rights agenda to the All Party Parliamentary Motorcycle Group (APPMG) in the House of Commons on Wednesday 15th March. >

30-03-17 MAG will be attending Kickback #10 at Stoneleigh Park this weekend.

This weekend sees another Kickback show take place at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire (CV8 2LG). MAG volunteers will be running a stand amongst the traders and also the cloakroom, should you not wish to wander around with your crash helmet etc. >

23-03-17 MAG asks you to help with a survey on crime involving bikes

MAG is asking bikers to respond to a request by Merseyside Police for information about illegal use of bikers for criminal activity. >

22-03-17 Salisbury Spring Surprise Motorcycle Show confirmed for April 30th 2017

MAG has confirmed that the Salisbury Surprise Motorcycle Show WILL go ahead on 30th April, following intense negotiations with potential funders and the Local Authority. >

17-03-17 MAG backs ‘congestion and pollution smart Severn toll proposal’

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading voice for riders’ rights, has formally submitted its support for the Severn Bridge toll proposals in the recent consultation regarding arrangements for the future. >

08-03-17 Last minute talks to save Salisbury Spring Surprise Bike Show

MAG is continuing crucial talks to secure funding and a ‘lighter administrative touch’ for the Salisbury Spring Surprise Motorcycle Show 2017 just weeks before the event is scheduled to happen. >

03-03-17 Fatal distraction – IAM speaks up about killer calls

MAG has endorsed the IAM Roadsmart campaign highlighting the dangers of using a mobile phone illegally when driving a vehicle. >

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The Motorcycle Action Group campaigns to protect and promote the interests and rights of all riders, from learner to advanced.

MAG membership is drawn from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling. We celebrate biking and the freedoms and independence it provides.

MAG is the representative voice of riders in Local and National government, because we are not aligned to ANY political party or ideology our independence makes it possible for politicians and officials to work with us.
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