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The aims and the objectives of the Foundation are to promote motorcycling through: Research - Representation - Collaboration for the public benefit and raising awareness and understanding of environmental road safety and security issues relating to the use of motorcycles and scooters and to research and investigate solutions to these issues.

The Foundation research program aims to use its research to represent the opinions of the motorcycling community as a whole and offer sound information to government, the industry other riders' organizations and the motorcycling press.

Motorcycle theft is a big issue with riders and the Foundations first seminar in 2004 concentrated to give the participants a deeper understanding of the issues relating to the identification and examination of stolen motorcycles and how to work with other organisations to combat this problem.

The Foundation has produced a booklet identifying secure parking throughout the country. This booklet represents another milestone for the Foundation and aims to provide information not just for riders, but for councils that do not provide secure parking for motorcycles or so that they can improve their existing facilities. This first edition covers most of the country; each council was contacted and further information was provided by numerous other sources

The roads are a vulnerable place for motorcyclists and we need to understand why motorcyclists have collisions, we already know that over half of motorcycle collisions are with other vehicles, mainly cars and at junctions, we need to understand in depth why this happens. Is there blame to apportion? Is it a simple case of Sorry Mate I didn't See You? What makes riders and drivers tick? Now can we make riders and drivers "safer"? These are some of the questions we hope to answer in collaboration with safety organisations and government.

The Foundation has made a start to answer these questions by sponsoring a "Think Bike" operated by the Road Safety Unit of Gloucestershire County Council and it is hoped this will influence other authorities to implement similar projects.

Our future is dependent on young people taking up motorcycling. The testing regime and insurance are major obstacles and deterrents for the youth of our country to ride. At the same time, young people are criticised and even criminalized for riding minimotos and dirt bikes. In East Anglia, the Moto KL Project has attempted to address this issue. The project was set up to give young people between 12 and 16 years the opportunity of learning how to ride minimotos competitively, but safely and within the boundaries of the law. The Foundation has sponsored one of the teams, MAG Sport J's, participating in this project. The MAG Foundation supports the hard work and dedication of those involved in making this project a success.

If you require any information regarding the MAG Foundation please contact us at info@mag-foundation.org or on 01926 844064.

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