IHIE Motorcycle Guidelines

The IHIE (Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers) Motorcycling Guidelines have been produced in support of the Government's Motorcycling Strategy whose central point is to ?mainstream' motorcycles into core transport policy.

The individual chapters set out practical guidance for transportation professionals on providing a safer environment for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

The guidelines are kept under constant review.

Updates to the Guidelines are indicated by date and version number at the
base of each chapter page.

Motorcycles have been a feature of our roads for well over a hundred years.

During that time they have served as a basic mode of transport, an economical alternative to the car, a workhorse and even a lifestyle icon.

Their popularity has risen and fallen in concert with a number of diverse social and economic factors.

Recent years have seen an upturn in the popularity of motorcycling, bringing the advantages and disadvantages of the mode into sharp relief, the most obvious of the latter being safety.

The Guidelines are laid out in individual chapters that deal with specific areas as they relate to motorcycle use and suggest ways in which transportation professionals should consider and take account of the particular needs of motorcycles in their work.