25th Sept 2011 -Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking!

A raft of issues emanating from Europe will have a profound effect on riders and the motorcycle industry generally. We must stand up and be heard. Some of these are driven by the EU Commission, like the new Type Approval and Market Surveillance Regulation that will see the introduction of compulsory ABS, the sealing of powertrains from the airbox, through the engine to the final drive (including the diameter and aspect ratio of the rear tyre), restrictions on the aftermarket industry, possible roadside checks by police or other government agencies to inspect emissions, detect owner 'tuning' and more.

There's EU-funded development of electronics to control and govern speeds through warning systems or, ultimately, actual throttle control.

Ireland plans compulsory, full sleeve day-glo jackets for riders and pillions, France is debating compulsory reflective/day-glo clothing. Will UK insurance companies start saying that because we weren't dressed in day-glo it's our own fault that an inattentive driver drove into us? MAG says the onus should not be on the victim.

France also wants to ban bikes over 7 years old from some urban areas for environmental reasons! Their congestion is already terrible and putting more riders into cars that pollute terribly when they are stationary, is bonkers.

Bikes are part of the urban transport solution, not problem, so it is truely daft that they should consider including motorcycles within these pilot schemes.

Enough! There will be a vote by the MEP committee discussing the above Regulation on Oct 17th 2011. We need them to listen. They're meant to represent us. MAG and many others in the motorcycle community are negotiating hard with our own Government and our European representatives, but in the meantime;

Join us to keep EU Hands Off Biking, it's time for Action now!.

On the 25th September 2011 you can make your voice heard. Starting from service areas across the country, we all ride at 1pm, 45mph, using the inside lanes and disperse 20 minutes later. Negotiations are ongoing and as citizens we must be considered. This is the first time. Let's show what we could be capable of.

The list of start points is changing all the time, but as of today we can confirm the following, or see it here, visually

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  • M1 England

Northampton Services north and southbound

Leicester Forrest East Services southbound

Donington Park Services

Trowell Services northbound

Tibshelf Services northbound

Woodall Services northbound

Woolley Edge Services southbound

  • M1 Northern Ireland

J7 Sprucefield Park and Ride, Lisburn

  • A2 Northern Ireland

Ballyreagh Rd, Portrush, NW200 paddock

  • M2

Medway Services eastbound

  • M3

Fleet Services southbound

Fleet Services northbound

  • M4

Reading services eastbound

Leigh Delamere services westbound

j32 ASDA carpark

j33 Cardiff Services

j36 Sarn Park Services

Pont Abram Services eastbound

  • M5

Frankley Services southbound

Strensham Services northbound

Michael Wood Services north and southbound

Gordano Services

Sedgemoor Services southbound

Taunton Deane Services Southbound and Northbound

Exeter Services

  • M6

Corley Services eastbound

Stafford Services southbound

Keele Services southbound

Charnock Richard services northbound

J34 Holiday Inn, Lancaster

Gretna Services M6/A74(M)

  • M8

Harthill Services eastbound

  • M74

Hamilton Services

  • M77

A71/a76/a77 Belfield Interchange Travelodge Q8 KA1 5LQ

  • M9

Stirling services

  • M90

Kinross Services southbound

  • M11

Birchanger Green Services

  • M20

Hythe Services J11

  • M23

Pease Pottage Services

  • M25

South Mimms services

Clacket Lane Services clockwise

  • M27

Rownham Services eastbound and westbound

  • M40

Oxford Services

Warwick Services northbound

  • M54

Telford Services

  • M55

 B&Q, J4 motorway end

  • M56

Chester services

  • M58

J3 Little Chef Rainford bypass A507

  • M61

Bolton West Services, Northbound

  • M62

FerryBridge Services

Hartsheadmoor Services westbound

Birch Services westbound

  • A1 and A1M

A1/A19 Seaton Burn Services northbound

Washington Services northbound

Durham services, northbound

Scotch Corner

Newark 'Friendly Farmer' services A1/A46/A17 junction

A1 Truck Stop, Colsterworth NG33 5JN

Brampton Hut A1M northbound

  • A11

A11/A1065 Barton Mills, Mildenhall

  • A1139
 Peterborough, Sainsbury PE1 5NG Learner suitable
  • A12

8 Ball diner, Rivenhall,  A12 northbound

BP, Boreham Interchange A12 northbound

Tesco,  Copdock, A12

  • A127

Porky's Diner eastbound

Stawberry fields/ Tesco, Southend

  • A14

Thrapston Services

Brampton Hut A1/A14

A14/A143 , St Saviours Interchange, Bury St Edmunds IP32 7JS

j57 Golden Hind, Nacton rd, Ipswich

  • A20

Crittal Corner Services eastbound, Sidcup

  • A24

Sandhill Lane, Washington, W. Sussex opp Destination Triumph RH20 4AJ

  • A264

eastbound layby at Copthorne, East Sussex, before A220/A264 roundabout

  • A27

eastbound layby before Lancing A2025 roundabout

  • A3

Ripley Services Southbound, north of Guildford GU23 6PT

  • A30

Launceston, Kings Head PH, Five Lanes

Chiverton Cross Services nr Redruth

  • A303

Solstice Park, Amesbury SP4 7SQ

Podimore Services, nr Yeovil BA22 8JG

  • A31

Rufus Stone Services westbound, SO43 7GN

  • A34

Milton Heights Services, Didcot, OX14 4TX

  • A38

Lee Mill Services, Ivybridge, Plymouth

  • A40

A40 /A477 Little Chef, Saint Clears roundabout

  • A46

Friendly Farmer services, Newark A1/A46/A17 junction

  • A47

 Long Water Retail Park, Norwich

Freebridge Cafe, King's Lynn PE34 3LP

  • A48

Halford's roundabout, Carmarthen

  • A5

Little Chef, Bletchley MK17 9RB

  • A55

Abergele services, westbound, between j25 and 24a

  • A590

 A590 Greenodd Garage services LA12 7RE

  • A61/A616

Tankersley Services near j36 M1. This is a learner friendly start point.

  • A63

Ferriby services westbound HU14 3LN

  • A64

The Highwayman Cafe, York YO32 9TL

  • A74(M)

Gretna Services

  • A9

Tore Services, north of Inverness IV6 7RZ

  • A90

Strathcartho services, between Perth and Aberdeen

Ellon park and ride, north of Aberdeen

Bullionfield Services southbound, Dundee

  • Others

SK1 4LG Harley Centre, Stockport


Closer to the date, we will be have a final, complete list of all the actual start points.

It will be here, on the website and many other places. As you can see we've already got venues from Plymouth to Aberdeen on most M-ways and major trunk routes, but if you or your bike club would like to be a 'starter', contact us for co-ordinated action.