December 2012 Campaign Update on the Motorcycle Riding Test Ministerial Review

MAG Campaign Update – December 2012



Motorcycle Riding Test Ministerial Review update



Transport Research Laboratory trials have moved into their 3rd phase.

Reports of their findings may now be available in Jan/Feb 2013 and public consultation on the way forward due in the Spring. With the timetable continually slipping it's doubtful even this will happen and the implementation of the new test may not now be until 2014.

Phase 1 was trialling feasibility of new manoeuvres in an off-road environment with expert riders


Phase 2 was trialling new manoeuvres on-road with expert riders


Phase 3 was trialling manoeuvres on-road with test ready novices


There have been many delays for an assortment of reasons as outlined to date, but the problems now being encountered currently involve a lack of Approved Training Bodies (riding schools) engagement.

As the DSA continue to demand trial of slow manoeuvres ATBs are understandably cautious about involving themselves and their students in activities which could be dangerous.

It has been clear from the start that the slalom should not be done on the public highway and it is not a compulsory element of the test anyway, as prescribed by 2DLD (second European Driving Licence Directive).

Discussions within the Test Review working group have always centred around separating the slow and higher speed tasks. Proposals are still to separate them and a variety of methods are under discussion eg: slow tasks to be completed at ATB premises and invigilated through video link as many educational providers currently do.

The DSA have deliberately expanded the scope of the trials from that agreed by the working groups and this has been central to the delays and the absorption of funds

The next Test Review Working Group meeting is timetabled for 7th January 2013