December 2012 Campaign Update - Gains and losses on TA Regulation

MAG CAMPAIGN UPDATE – December 2012:



Gains and losses on Type Approval Regulation



Commission’s proposal

MAG position

Co-decision (EP and Council)


Harmonise / update TA rules


From 2016


Compulsory Anti-lock/Combined Brakes:

Low-power bikes (50-125cc)  ABS or CBS

Medium-, High-power bikes (>125cc) ABS

Owner must retain choice of purchase.


ABS must have off switch

From 2016-2017

Off-switch allowed

Mopeds, sidecar outfits, Trials, Enduro bikes exempt

Review ABS for low-power bikes in 2020

Compulsory Automatic Headlamp-On / Daytime Running Lights

Rider must retain control of lighting

From 2016-2017

Owner can retro-fit light switch

Repeal 100bhp limit


From 2016



Manufacturers must try to engineer power-train to prevent unauthorised modifications to power-train components (fuelling, ignition, engine, transmission, rear tyre radius, etc.)

Owner must retain ability to de-restrict / modify power-train

From 2017-2018


Low-power bikes (125cc)

From 2016-2017

Medium-power bikes

High-power bikes exempt

High-power bikes may share power-train components with Medium-power bikes subject to AT

Link to driving licence categories

Owner must be allowed to restrict / de-restrict bike according to the licence categories held

From 2016

Approved methods to be devised by OEMs

Steerability test

Owner must retain ability to modify own bike

No change


Tougher emissions


Euro 4 from 2016-2018

Euro 5 from 2020-2021


CO2 labelling


From 2016-2018


Durability testing – Emissions:

Manufacturers must guarantee the performance of the emission control systems will not deteriorate over the distances specified for different kinds of bike/trike

Agree in principle

Trials bikes (5,500 miles)

Mopeds, Enduro bikes (11,000 miles)

Bikes, Trikes <80mph (20,000 miles)

Bikes, Trikes >80mph (35,000 miles)


Durability testing - Functional safety:

Manufacturers must guarantee the various parts of the bike will remain safe to use over the course of five years and for the distances specified for different kinds of bike/trike

Agree in principle

Trials bikes (8,250 miles)

Mopeds, Enduro bikes (16,500 miles)

<80mph  bikes/trikes (30,000 miles)

>80mph  bikes/trikes (52,500 miles)


Compulsory OBDI:

Logs fault codes

Must not adversely affect rideability, consumer choice, home/independent maintenance

From 2016-2021


Compulsory OBDII:

Logs faults and emission breaches

From 2020-2021

(subject to review)

Need to ensure does not interfere with bike

Aftermarket parts:

conformity check / approval marking

Owner must retain ability to modify / maintain own bike

From 2016

May increase prices, may reduce choice

Aftermarket parts:

open-access to OEM technical information


From 2016


Repair & Maintenance Information:

ensure reasonable access

Should be free of charge to owners

From 2016



Market surveillance

Must not restrict consumer choice; only fitness-for-purpose

From 2016


Independent Vehicle Approval

Retain current SVA scheme

No change

Review in 2023

Small series production exemptions

The number of vehicles allowed should not restrict the output of small manufacturers 

Mopeds 50/year

Motorcycles 75/year

Sidecar outfits 150/year

Review in 2021