December 2012 Campaign Update news from France

MAG Campaign Update – December 2012


News from FFMC in relation to filtering and Hi-Viz


These are issues in a State and language outside our jurisdiction so we are really only in a position to relay briefings we receive from FFMC our FEMA sister organisation in France.



Regarding hi-viz the French Interior Minister Emmanuel Valls has decided to withdraw the 150 square centimetre hi-viz rule. Apparently he has acknowledged the protests from riders and that there really isn't any basis for the move. Some translated reports use the word 'review', FFMC say withdraw.

There was no evidential base for the initiative and the French Government had also found itself in possible breach of an EU Directive which stipulates minimum quantities of hi-viz if hi-viz is being prescribed. Much of what had been included under the previous French Government's 'Road Safety Plan' has now been watered down or thrown out completely.

The new Socialist administration in France does appear to be taking on board the strength of feeling and perhaps it acknowledges it is there to govern the people, not over the people.



 Regarding filtering, discussions were due to take place Dec 7th 2012 following the presentation of a report to the Interior Minister. News will follow, but in the meantime, to demonstrate the linguistic anomalies which can arise through 'google translate' FFMC say the following:


 "Expected for weeks by the government for years and by users represented by the FFMC, the warden's report Régis Guyot on the movement of motorized two-wheelers between queues in traffic is presented today to Manuel Valls, Minister of the Interior.

Legalize fit to teach and practice proven, this is the purpose of this official report on traffic interfiles for two and three-wheelers. Requested for fifteen years by the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), 1 the recognition of one of our special features of urban traffic arrives at a decisive moment.

Commonly held in a context of mobility complex, this practice effectively and proportionately little accident-prone is already formally recognized by our neighboring Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. The "lift queues" can no longer be a mere tolerance in our cities where the fleet of two-wheelers is growing: it's time to teach all road users that it be carried so reasoned and reasonable, not anywhere, not anytime and no matter how.

From February to June 2012, under the Prefect Régis Guyot, the FFMC has worked with user associations, representatives of moto-taxi, insurers, researchers IFSTTAR2, trainers, forces order and departmental officials. This working partnership has resulted in a consensus to frame the practice of express highways to interfiles way, only files between the most left. It is intended to limit the speed in 2WD interfiles 50 km / h when traffic slowed sharply and beyond, to observe a differential speed not exceeding 20 km / h.
Give what matters for members of the National Council for Road Safety comes to reform."