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20th Anniversary

20 Years Defending European Riders

FEMA - An association run by and for European citizens!

The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2008.  Two decades of pro-active lobbying in Brussels and in Geneva were celebrated with a series of events throughout the year.

Reducing congestion, pollution and accidents while at the same time increasing mobility is one of Europe's main challenges. The use of Powered Two-Wheelers clearly offers major advantages to the transport mix as well as solutions to many of the transport problems faced by EU Member States.

Recognition of their positive contribution has been one of FEMA members' main reasons for creating the Federation in 1988. 20 years later, promoting fairer and appropriate legislation for motorcyclists remains FEMA's main task.

On 25 June 1988, motorcyclists' associations from France, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Austria and Luxembourg decided to form a European citizens' organisation in order to make European riders' voice heard in the political debate: The Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM) was born.

Ten years later, on 10 January 1998, FEM and the European Motorcyclist Association (EMA) merged to form the Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations (FEMA). The two associations joined their forces to offer motorcyclists the best representation possible. Today, FEMA counts on a 4 person office in Brussels.

In 2008, FEMA memberships spanned 24 national road riding motorcyclists' organizations from 19 European countries.

Throughout the year, FEMA disseminated information about its history and how it works, but it will also organise a series of activities, such as participation to shows, workshops and conferences, interviews of keynote representatives, and a special edition of the MEP Motorcycle Ride in Brussels.

Aline Delhaye, FEMA General Secretary, said: "I would like to take this opportunity to underline how local decisions are increasingly linked to European policies. European motorcyclists need to get stronger to face coming challenges."

"As in the early days, there is a need to ensure that motorcycling is rightly and fairly considered in crucial debates, such as Intelligent Transport Systems or Congestion Charging Schemes, to only mention 2 examples."

"I warmly thank FEMA members and partners for their faith in the work of the Federation and I call all motorcycling stakeholders (industry, media, clubs, individuals) to support the Federation and give it the means to promote motorcycling through the next 20 years and beyond".



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