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20-04-14 Stranger & MAG Launch video - It means so much. PRE ORDER THE SINGLE TODAY!

Sick of the nanny state? Weary of the Health and Safety Culture sucking the spirit out of the nation? MAG is a bikers organisation but we carry a torch for everyone who thinks the way we do about the interfering busy bodies of the nanny state. >

17-04-14 MAG President Ian Mutch reflects on last weekend's AGC in Blackpool

This year’s MAG AGC was one of the best and most constructive I can remember. Most importantly it provided the strongest case yet of why it’s important to have real ‘meetings’ with ‘real’ voting as opposed to virtual meetings and email votes. >

01-04-14 No April Fool !

The Motorcycle Action Group Ltd, Next Generation draw will take place live tomorrow morning (02/04/2014) on Touch FM so the winner does not think they've been fooled. >

28-03-14 MAG mixes it in Manchester

MAG was out in force at the Manchester Motorcycle Show on the weekend of 22nd-23rd March. Staffing the stand were Tony, Joe, Mark and Phil from Blackpool MAG, along with help from Bill Green, the Red Rose MAG Rep and local biking phenomenon Jimmy Torrence, the Manchester MAG Rep. On Sunday, MAG’s Director of Comms & Public Affairs called in, and met a large number of representatives of the local and national motorcycle industry. >

13-03-14 Statement from MAG'S National Committee

M.A.G. (UK) Ltd was recently the Respondent in an Employment Tribunal case brought by former staff Nich Brown, Paddy Tyson and Louisa Smith. The claimants obtained a judgment in their favour for constructive unfair dismissal.However, >

11-03-14 MAG Victory for UK bikers - Common Sense Work on 'Killer Kerbs' is brought to a halt

A precedent setting 'cycling safety' proposal to install raised curb ridges between lanes on UK roundabouts, which could injure or kill bikers, has been brought to a dramatic halt by the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG). >

17-02-14 Brian Hampton E-Petition

You may have heard about the death of Jade Clark, a 16-year-old who was killed when she was hit by Brian Hampton, on the A31 while on her moped travelling to work in February 2013. Banned for drink-driving at the time, Hampton not only didn’t stop, >

05-02-14 MAG applauds the efforts of the ‘Grass Up A Bike Thief’ team

The latest issue of MAG’s magazine, The ROAD, carries a story about the recovery of a stolen motorcycle that had been taken from a world traveller who was visiting Swansea. >

29-01-14 Helmet laws: not a question of safety, but a question of liberty

Lembit Öpik, the Motorcycle Action Group’s (MAG) Director of Communications & Public Affairs, has spoken out against the implied imposition of a mandatory helmet law for cyclists. >

23-01-14 MAG News release – MAG Dispels the great Vehicle Excise Duty myth

Yesterday, MAG learned – via sources at the DVLA and an MP, that the Government is using the scrapping of the tax disc to pretend that Vehicle Excise Duty belongs to the owner and not the vehicle. >

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The Motorcycle Action Group campaigns to protect and promote the interests and rights of all riders, from learner to advanced.

MAG membership is drawn from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling. We celebrate biking and the freedoms and independence it provides.

MAG is the representative voice of riders in Local and National government, because we are not aligned to ANY political party or ideology our independence makes it possible for politicians and officials to work with us.




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The Next Generation Raffle

Winning Ticket 04644



This is Steve Hunter, whose winning MAG raffle ticket was drawn by Touch FM's Bike-mad breakfast presenter Ollie Gallant on Wednesday. Steve was caught out when he got a phone call from Chair John Mitchell to tell him he was now the owner of a brand new AJP 125 as well as a bagful of other prizes. At first he thought April Fools day had been extended, but then remembered the couple of tickets he'd bought at last Summer's Farmyard Party which were still pinned to the wall at home.
Steve told MAG today that he is delighted and still surprised to be the winner. He has already passed his test and rides to work and rallies on his SV650, but thinks the bike looks like it'll be such fun he'll hang onto it. As for the prize of a CBT, his girlfriend passed hers a few weeks ago so he can't pass it on to her!
Steve's insurance will be free from Bikesure, as well as his MAG renewal, which was a personal donation to the prize pledged by MAG chairman John Mitchell as soon as the raffle was set up.Fat Skeleton have pledged a new helmet, and Hedgehog Motorcycles of Barnstaple a jacket, with lots of other prizes from -among others- Gutsibits of Huddersfield, WEALD, Bridge Motorcycles in Exeter, Peterborough MAG, Velocity Shack, and Continental Tyres to help keep the bike shiny side up.
There are lots of other prizes, details to follow..

Many thanks to all who took part in the raffle, which has raised substantial funds.