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23-11-15 Driving resource

You may have missed this... The DVSA are releasing lots of helpful information under ‘Safe Driving for Life’. Check them out via their Website, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube links (follow link for details) >

13-11-15 MAG Central back on line

The issues MAG Central have been experiencing with telephones and broadband connection have now been resolved and so our wonderful staff can be contacted via the details below >

09-11-15 MAG moves house !

MAG Central has moved to a more cost effective premises that will better suit our needs. All has been going well until being let down by our broadband infrastructure suppliers who have failed to configure our gateway to the outside world. >

23-10-15 Motorcycle Parking in Edinburgh under threat Again

City of Edinburgh Council are undertaking a Parking Consultation which runs till 31st October and will be of interest to Motorcycle users who live in, work or visit the city.The main areas affecting Motorcyclists or potentially affecting us are detailed in the Parking Action Plan are:- >

17-10-15 Daytime Running Lights

MAG is resuming its opposition to the European regulation requiring cars to use headlights in daytime in the light of mounting evidence that this practise disadvantages vulnerable road users. >

16-10-15 GET INVOLVED – Bike Parking, West Yorkshire

Further to a number of great meetings between MAG and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA). MAG have been asked to identify their favoured Council run car parks with a view to turning over a couple of car spaces to free motorcycle parking (with security features where possible). >

22-09-15 Ethanol in Fuel

There is concern in some corners, especially among the owners of classic and older machines, that the enforced introduction of ethanol in blended fuels will have a detrimental effect. The following will help answer some questions about what is ethanol and why are we getting it. >

10-09-15 European Parliament: powered two-wheelers play a significant role in sustainable mobility.

The European Parliament adopted this afternoon Wim van de Camp's "Report on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport: taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility" >

26-08-15 Cycle lane segregation - Next Step

We are putting together a table with all known installations / plans to install / trials of hard engineered cycle lane segregation i.e. kerbs or 'light segregation' e.g. 'Armadillos' or 'Orcas' across the UK. >

20-08-15 Response to proposal for the mandatory wearing of Helmets on Motor Tricycles

This is the response of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) to the consultation document entitled ’Proposal for the Mandatory Wearing of Helmets on Motor Tricycles,’ released for consideration in June 2015. The response is submitted by the Chair and President of MAG, and has been approved by the Board of the organisation and is in line with the policies agreed by its Annual Group Conference. >

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