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22-09-15 Ethanol in Fuel

There is concern in some corners, especially among the owners of classic and older machines, that the enforced introduction of ethanol in blended fuels will have a detrimental effect. The following will help answer some questions about what is ethanol and why are we getting it. >

10-09-15 European Parliament: powered two-wheelers play a significant role in sustainable mobility.

The European Parliament adopted this afternoon Wim van de Camp’s “Report on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport: taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility”. >

26-08-15 Cycle lane segregation - Next Step

We are putting together a table with all known installations / plans to install / trials of hard engineered cycle lane segregation i.e. kerbs or 'light segregation' e.g. 'Armadillos' or 'Orcas' across the UK. >

20-08-15 Response to proposal for the mandatory wearing of Helmets on Motor Tricycles

This is the response of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) to the consultation document entitled ’Proposal for the Mandatory Wearing of Helmets on Motor Tricycles,’ released for consideration in June 2015. The response is submitted by the Chair and President of MAG, and has been approved by the Board of the organisation and is in line with the policies agreed by its Annual Group Conference. >

18-08-15 Compulsory helmets for Trike Riders NI

The consultation on imposing all on trikes to wear helmets in Northern Ireland closes tomorrow (19.08.2015). Have you emailed / posted your response? Whether you travel on a trike here or there, if this comes in to law it could have serious repercussions. ACT NOW! >

26-06-15 Scottish politicians deliver ‘common sense’ policy shift for learner riders in Scotland

In a landmark example of positive engagement between the Scottish Government and Britain’s leading riders’ rights organisation, the Motorcycle Action Group and officials in Transport Scotland have confirmed a change to planned regulations, in order to allow learner riders to continue using the existing Forth Road Bridge, even after the new road crossing opens in 2016. >

25-06-15 MAG challenges 20mph blanket limit

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) challenges the suggestion by road safety group BRAKE that 20mph should be the urban default speed limit. >

03-06-15 Ride to Work Week

MAG wholly support the Ride to Work initiative which this year takes place from the 15th – 21st of June. We understand that not everyone can ride to work every day so if that applies to you, why not make an extra effort during ride to work week. The more bikes there are on the roads, the more other road users are aware of us. >

15-05-15 Superhighway demo postponed

The demonstration by The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) against the cycle superhighway planned for May 30th in London has been postponed. MAG is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in discussions with Westminster City Council officers (WCC)about aspects of the cycle scheme that will impact motorcyclists. >

07-05-15 Preferntial treatment for Motorcycles and Scooters

Motorcycles and scooters will be given preferential treatment over cars and trucks in Melbourne's inner city, as part of a bold plan to reduce traffic and parking congestion by getting more commuters to take up motorcycling. >

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