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20-02-17 Success at London Motorcycle Show

Twenty-seventeen has seen the return of the MAG stand to the London Motorcycle Show, an event that takes place every February at Excel London. >

16-02-17 Don’t ban legal riding because of hooligans

MAG is currently looking at injunctions taken out by a number of local councils in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour undertaken on motorcycles. >

13-02-17 MAG at the London Motorcycle Show

MAG is delighted to announce that it will be at the 2017 London Motorcycle Show. The event takes place this weekend, 17 – 19th February 2017, at Excel London. >

10-02-17 Fields of Dreams for bikers; Booking website opens for three ‘parties with a purpose’

MAG has launched ticket sales for three iconic Yorkshire MAG motorcycle rallies. Pete Walker, who heads up the Yorkshire MAG rallies, has invited all riders in the UK and elsewhere to book their places at Into The Valley,’ ‘Farmyard’ and ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ in the North of England. >

03-02-17 Driven to Distraction?

MAG backs tougher measures to discourage irresponsible hand-held mobile phone use whilst operating a vehicle. A survey by the National Roads Policing Intelligence (NRPI) Forum about the ban on mobile phone use while driving has enabled bikers to express their views. >

26-01-17 MAG to feature at Northern Ireland Motorcycle Fest

MAG will be attending the 2017 N.I Motorcycle Festival from 3-5 February at The Eikon Centre, near Lisburn, where the Group will be welcoming a new generation of members and supporters of riders’ rights. It’s a special occasion as this is the first time the organisation has secured a stand at Eikon - a sign of MAG's new energy in the region. >

23-01-17 MAG continues input to Silvertown Tunnel consultation

MAG has submitted further evidence to the inquiry into the proposed new Thames crossing – known as Silver Town Tunnel – near the Greenwich Peninsula, challenging the logic of charging motorcycles. >

19-01-17 Highways England ‘streets ahead’ on road planning for motorcycles

MAG has attended the latest round of Highways England discussions about the future of the strategic roads network. MAG is making an active contribution to resolving some of the challenges facing powered two-wheelers on our roads. >

12-01-17 MAG supports National Pothole Day

MAG is encouraging everyone to support National Pothole Day on Monday 16th January. You can do this by reporting potholes via our new association with StreetRepairs.co.uk. >

09-01-17 MAG urges ‘joint approach’ to anti-social behaviour involving bikes

MAG has called on Leeds City Council to take a measured approach in partnership with local biking interest groups to address anti-social behaviour problems which occurred in October 2016. >

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The Motorcycle Action Group campaigns to protect and promote the interests and rights of all riders, from learner to advanced.

MAG membership is drawn from across the whole spectrum of motorcycling. We celebrate biking and the freedoms and independence it provides.

MAG is the representative voice of riders in Local and National government, because we are not aligned to ANY political party or ideology our independence makes it possible for politicians and officials to work with us.
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