16-01-18 MAG meets Transport Chair at Greater London Authority
The Motorcycle Action Group met the Chair of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Transport Committee, Keith Prince, to begin a serious dialogue about the future of motorcycling in London.
02-01-18 MAG starts the New Year determined to make a difference
MAG is looking forward to driving the agenda for riders’ rights in 2018: here’s how.
21-12-17 Wishing you all a Merry MAG Christmas
MAG ends 2017 by offering a huge ‘thank you’ to all of its members for their support during the year and wishing them many miles of happy riding in the year ahead.
20-12-17 MAG looks back at 2017: a year of action and progress
MAG Chair, Selina Lavender, says she is delighted by how much progress MAG has made in recent years.
14-12-17 Vacancy For Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement
MAG seeks to employ an individual who is passionate about driving forward the agenda for riders of all motorcycles, scooters and trikes, and about representing the views of MAG and its membership
23-11-17 MAG opposes ‘disproportionate’ pillion passenger ban
MAG has expressed concerns about the prospect of a ban on pillion passengers in London – a proposal which has been raised to combat the scooter crime epidemic currently gripping the city.
07-11-17 New low with London acid attacks and Merseyside killing
MAG has described the most recent acid attack as a ‘new low in bike crime’ and expressed its frustration at the shocking assault on a rider, potentially leaving him with a visual impairment.
03-11-17 MAG praises ‘no repeat’ of 2016 Halloween hooligan chaos.
MAG has praised the law enforcement agencies and local authorities for a concerted effort which prevented a repeat of last year’s ugly scenes around the country, when lawless yobs invaded the streets of a number of towns and cities in a deliberate attempt to cause disorder.
31-10-17 MAG in close liaison with police in advance of Halloween night
MAG has worked with local authorities and the police across England to prevent a rerun of the shameful misbehaviour of a small group of thugs on two wheels on Halloween night, 2016.
27-10-17 MAG contacts councils and police to plan for Halloween
MAG is contacting police in the areas most badly affected by last year’s outbreak of hooliganism on the evening of Halloween, to ensure that the motorcycling community is clearly distanced from any lawless behaviour by thugs on two wheels on Halloween night.
23-10-17 MAG represents Federation of European Motorcyclists Association (FEMA) in international working group
Ian Churchlow, the Motorcycle Action Group’s (MAG) representative on a European bikers’ rights federation, represented the movement at a major working group on riders’ rights in Brussels.
18-10-17 MAG salutes an ace man from an Ace Café
MAG has awarded one of its highest honours to Mark Wilsmore, owner of the Ace Café, for services rendered to biking.
12-10-17 MAG asks: why have 33 riders died in London in 2016?
MAG adds weight to questions about the rise in motorcycle deaths in London, and why this has not led to a level playing field in how motorcyclists in the city are treated.
05-10-17 Annual Group Conference shows ‘confidence of the movement’
MAG held its Annual Group Conference (AGC) in the small town of Manea, Cambridgeshire, over the weekend of 29th September- 1st October, 2017. The well-attended event demonstrated the confidence and momentum that has been building over the last few years.
29-09-17 MAG holding Annual Group Conference this Saturday
MAG is holding its Annual Conference this Saturday 30th September 2017.
25-09-17 MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge
MAG is calling on all riders in the UK to submit their concerns regarding a mad London charge which could cost a user of an older moped thousands of pounds a year in pollution taxes.
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