21-04-09 NABD Rally Sold Out
The NABD are pleased as punch to announce that the You've Been Nabbed 18 rally is now fully SOLD OUT!
20-04-09 Criminal compensation
The Motorcycle Action Group has launched an e-petition on the 10 Downing St site to challenge over zealous police reaction to alleged risks at motorcycle events.
06-04-09 The MAG National Demo Run "TOO FAR TO GO" has had to be retimed
The MAG National Demo Run "TOO FAR TO GO" has had to be retimed to depart from Squire's at 11.00 am.
06-04-09 MAG elects new Chairman
Paul Turner is the new Chairman of the Motorcycle Action Group following the groupís 37th Annual Group Conference that was held this year in Darlington. The post became vacant after former Chairman Jane Chisholm stood down after three years in the position.
02-04-09 Paul Turner - Manifesto for election as next Chairman of MAG
As previously announced, Jane Chisholm is to step down as Chair of MAG after three terms in office. MAG Cumbria Regional Representative Paul Turner has been nominated as the next Chair of MAG, here is his manifesto:
02-04-09 MAG takes testing fiasco to Parliament
MAG is using its parliamentary connections to expose the lunacy of introducing the new testing regime before adequate test facilities are ready and there is now to be a thirty minute debate in the House of Commons on the introduction of the new test.
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