23-04-12 Another reason to ride if you live in Nottingham
Nottingham City Council have announced that their workplace parking levy is now £288 a year/parking space and will be £334 next year. This is a charge businesses have to pay on any parking spaces more than the 10 free ones allowed. Bike parking bays are exempt, so it's another good reason to promote biking!
20-04-12 Deputy Chair of TfL joins MAG as full member!
Daniel Moylan Deputy Chair of Transport for London is pictured above joining MAG recently at the Ace Café, with Dr Leon Mannings (left) and Simon Mouncey. Daniel is in favour of bikes in bus lanes and recognises the value of motorcycles in addressing London’s congestion and pollution issues.
17-04-12 MAG's AGC 2012
This year's Annual General Conference on 14th April was a sellout event, quite literally! Tickets were being sold to those who wished to attend and experience the after event 'Dirty Donkey party and every ticket went. There was a 500 limit
13-04-12 MAG's 2012 Annual General Conference is this Saturday 14th April
Chiltern Park Areodrome, near Wallingford, OX10 6AS, is the venue for this year's Conference, starting at 10am.
05-04-12 Westminster sign traffic order to start bikes in bus lane trial
Thanks to everyone on the MAG activist list who took the time to write to Westminster City Council about their plans to open the bus lanes to motorbikes. They got such a good response the traffic order has been signed to commence on the 6th May. Well done!
05-04-12 Islanders organise
Isle of Wight MAG met last night and 35 riders showed up at the Waverley Inn, Carisbrooke, including representatives from 7 bike clubs, which is excellent news. Well done Phil Jennings for getting things started. 1st Wednesday of the month from now on.
04-04-12 Roads Minister joins MAG!
Roads Minister Mike Penning MP attended his local Hemel Hempstead MAG group last night and put his money where is mouth is so to speak: A biker since the age of 16, Mike joined MAG as a full member and urged the few riders in the room who weren't already members, to do so.
04-04-12 Iceland drops compulsory protective clothing idea
MAG's sister organisation, BLS has confirmed that following much lobbying, the Icelandic Government has dropped its plans to enforce compulsory protective clothing on motorcyclists.
03-04-12 Another new MAG group begins in the south
The evening of Wednesday 4th April will see riders gathering in the Isle of Wight at the The Waverley Inn, Carisbrooke, PO31 1PA for the very first meeting of a new MAG group on the island.
02-04-12 Over 150 riders attend RAV event at Bridge Motorcycles, Exeter
Riders from the South West crowded into Bridge Motorcycle's Exeter showroom on Friday night to listen to, and ask questions of, Conservative MEP Giles Chichester as part of a Riders Are Voters event.
02-04-12 MAG succeed again in Humberside
April 1st saw the removal of tolls for motorcycles on the Humber Bridge. A culmination of years of hard work and campaigning by the local activists, it's a great example of how MAG works locally on the ground to improve the situation for all riders.
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