29-04-20 Motorcycle groups develop a united response to Oxfordshire County Council's anti-motorcycle bias
Many Oxfordshire motorcyclists already know that Oxfordshire County Council is conducting a survey regarding its future Local Transport and Connectivity Plan 5 and asks for responses to 28 papers on various aspects of the plan.
27-04-20 MAG calls for a weight-based Vehicle Excise Duty system
MAG has revealed its position on Vehicle Excise Duty. Proposing a universal system based purely on vehicle weight, MAG says it is promoting a system that meets all the goals of the Government whilst offering a long-term solution that addresses far more than just a single vehicle emission problem.
22-04-20 MAG praises Oxfordshire County Council for revising motorcycle proposals following feedback from MAG
In a major motorcycling breakthrough, MAG has welcomed a rethink by Oxfordshire County Council following significant input from MAG and local bikers about blatant anti-motorcycle bias regarding their Local Transport and Connectivity Plan.
17-04-20 MAG exposes ‘blatant anti-motorcycle bias’ in Oxfordshire County Council
MAG has formally requested that Oxfordshire County Council withdraw part of its Local Transport and Connectivity Plan documentation after discovering ‘jaw-droppingly inappropriate’ accusations against bikers in their document.
16-04-20 MAG’s work continues during country’s lockdown
During these unprecedented times, MAG will still have its foot on the gas working for motorcycling, due to the support of its amazing members.
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