18-08-09 MAG is encouraging members to support MCN's 'Reclaim North Wales' ride out
MAG is encouraging its 10 000 individual and 40 000 affiliate members to support MCN’s ‘Reclaim North Wales’ ride out on Sep 13 aimed at reasserting our right to use public highways without undue police interference.
14-08-09 Enquiry into introduction of the new motorcycle test
MAG has persuaded the Transport Select Committee to launch an enquiry into the fiasco over the introduction of the new motorcycle test. MAG is now gathering test cases to provide the enquiry with.
05-08-09 MAG and the Bulldog Bash
Today's TV and radio coverage examining police fears of violence at this weekends Bulldog Bash event contained an interview with Neil Liversidge, a past-Chairman of the Motorcycle Action Group. Mr Liversidge made it clear he had agreed to take part in the interview in a personal capacity, he did not consult MAG beforehand. It was his right to speak based on his personal experience of events that happened a decade ago, those events are a matter of record.
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