29-02-12 IMCO meet to discuss the results of the Impact Assessment..
Well IMCO (the EU Internal market and consumer protection committee) had a bit of a debate yesterday about the findings of the new Impact Assessment into ABS, On Board Diagnostics and the timeline for the introduction of new emissions limits.
21-02-12 EU supplementary Impact Assessment Released!
The extra EU Impact Assessment we've been waiting for, has been released. Although we have not yet reviewed it in detail, from a first read, the cost benefit analysis is negative for all three IMCO proposals.
19-02-12 Motorbikes reduce congestion shock!
It's not as though we haven't been saying it for years, but apparently if more people rode bikes there'd be less traffic congestion. Another academic paper concurs.
08-02-12 Green roads closed 'experimentally'!
Our friends at the TRF ( campaign tirelessly for the rights of trail riders, while we concentrate more on road riding, but many of the issues we face are similar, or are derived from the same underlying dogma.
01-02-12 ** MAG Member's motorcycle STOLEN **
Please be on the look out for a Skyjet F5 125cc, reg no: YJ09 VGC. Silver with green 'M' stickers and 2 small green lights under headlights. It has a bent clutch lever and a small dent on the LHS of the tank - STOLEN from Whinmoor, Leeds on 27th January. As part of MAG's Protected initiative a reward of up to 1000 is on offer for information leading to a conviction.
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