25-01-08 Home Office - Misery ? Costs ? Inconvenience to Bikers
MAG have expressed their serious concerns to the Home Office regarding their proposals to increase statutory charges for the removal, storage and disposal of motorcycles by the police.
25-01-08 Freebird Rideouts From Hein Gericke Stores Nationwide
MAG believes motorcycling is about freedom of expression, camaraderie, friendship and fun. And urges all its members to show their support for the film.
24-01-08 Motor Cycle Industry Challenges Ved Evasion Estimate
Slammed as a gross over-estimate of the true problem using deeply flawed methodology.
23-01-08 Motorcycle Tax Evasion - Its Not Right
MAG remain sceptical of the claim in a recent report that 40% of bikers evade paying VED.
21-01-08 Motorcycle Industry Says Time For Motorcycling To Be Taken Seriously
The UK motorcycle industry are calling for motorcycling to be treated as a serious and relevant alternative to the use of cars and public transport.
15-01-08 Freebird - How Much Can Three Men Take?
Freebird is an independent British comedy that uses the world of motorcycles and rock music as its backdrop.
10-01-08 20 Years Defending European Riders
The Federation of European Motorcyclists? Associations is very proud to announce its 20th Anniversary.
09-01-08 MAG Prepares to Defend Motorcycling
The Motorcycle Action Group is preparing to defend motorcycling in the forthcoming Parliamentary scrutiny of Road Safety.
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