28-01-11 Westminster City Council Bully Boys!
Westminster City Council (WCC) are at it again, using public money to act against the public interest. It has come to light that in their efforts to stop the 'No To Bike Parking Tax' campaign, WCC have sent threatening emails to the web service who have been hosting the 'No To' website. So vociferous have these been, that the hosting company felt compelled to withdraw their services, and as such, remove the No To website from the internet.
28-01-11 Bedford Borough Council deserves to be in the news again
As part of their involvement with MAG's GET A GRIP! campaign, Bedford Borough have decided to start using non-slip overbanding throughout their region. This will be on an 'as needed' basis and won't be retrospective, but crack filling and seam joining happens all the time, so this is great news.
27-01-11 Government policy on sustainable transport misses opportunity
Norman Baker MP Under-Secretary for Transport, released a White Paper last week entitled 'Creating Growth, cutting carbon' which highlights the importance of cutting emmissions, reducing congestion and generating growth at the local level.
27-01-11 Two more magazine editors join in two months!
The editors of two National motorcycle publications have joined MAG in the last couple of months.
27-01-11 Theft of manhole covers on the increase.
Twenty-eight covers were taken from the A4155 between Henley-on-Thames and Reading, and almost 20 from the A4074, between Ipsden & Woodcote.
27-01-11 RAV continues to flourish!
Even ahead of the local elections in May, the 17th February will witness a special South Coast RAV Question Time.
27-01-11 Revitalising MAG in the North West
*Wirral & Chester MAG - Relaunch! * NEW Meeting venue and dates. First meeting on Weds 2nd February from 8pm
26-01-11 Bikes now account for 20% of all auto theft.
Figures derived from Police data by Retainagroup Ltd, show the number of bikes stolen has dropped from 26,608 in 2006 to 21,928 last year. Worryingly though, bikes now represent more than one-in-five of all vehicle thefts.........
11-01-11 Continuous Vehicle Insurance
MAG is pleased to see that the new regulations on Continuous Vehicle Insurance will exempt vehicles on which SORN has been declared.
11-01-11 MAG UK welcomes PEMC as affiliated members.
MAG would like to extend a warm welcome to the Professional & Executive Motorcycle Club (PEMC) who have recently affiliated to MAG.
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