23-01-12 Suggested letter template for writing to your MEP's
Here is a suggested letter template to send to your MEP's regarding the proposed EU regulation on Type Approval and market surveillance. If you don't wish to use it, please do try to use some of the points within it. It is also always a good idea to personalise the letter slightly.
16-01-12 Special 'motorcycle surgery' - report.
Nearly 80 riders braved the bitterly cold Saturday morning weather to attend the MEP surgery at P&H Motorcycles in Crawley on 14th January. Peter Skinner, Labour MEP for the South East of England said he really enjoyed the day, and was delighted at the turnout, though surprised that so many of the questions were about EU procedure.
13-01-12 Reminder - South East MEP holding special 'motorcycle surgery', Sat 14th Jan 2012.
Don't forget if you live in the South East of England, one of your MEPs, Peter Skinner, is holding a special 'motorcycle surgery' at P&H Motorcycles in Crawley on Saturday 14th January (tomorrow), at: P&H Motorcycles Ltd, 61-63 Gatwick Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9RD.
10-01-12 Anti-tampering extended to cycle parts
The European Commission has proposed that part of its controversial new 'Anti-Tampering' regulations, which will affect all future bikes registered for the road, should be re-written to prevent chop-builders from using 'long-forks'.
09-01-12 MAG members petition UK Parliament: resist the spread of compulsory hi-viz in Europe.
Following confirmation that hi-viz is to become compulsory in France from 2013 and Ireland from 2014, MAG member Jon Wilmer (Regional Rep for Thames Valley) has launched a petition calling on the British Government to put pressure on the European Commission to discipline any member state that imposes clothing standards such as hi-viz on motorcycle riders.
09-01-12 Secure on street parking - have your say.
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is asking as many riders as possible to complete a short on-line survey about secure on-street parking facilities (motorcycle parking bays with railings or ground anchors).
06-01-12 Developments in France
The French Government has finally confirmed how it will implement new regulations for motorcyclists regarding reflective clothing and number plates.
06-01-12 Get A Grip in North Somerset
As MAG continues to expand it's campaign for consistent grip for two wheelers, more councils are listening and have begun fitting composite manhole covers. The latest is North Somerset and this TV news story,
05-01-12 Motorbike theft in York is on the rise.
MORE motorbikes than cars are now being stolen in York despite them making up only a small fraction of vehicles in the city.
03-01-12 South East MEP holding special 'motorcycle surgery' in Crawley..
Happy New Year! Let's hope it's a good one for you and if we can keep up the pressure from last year, it should be a good one for Riders' Rights too. If you live in the South East of England, we are pleased to announce that one of your MEPs, Peter Skinner, is holding a special 'motorcycle surgery' at P&H Motorcycles in Crawley on 14th January
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