28-07-09 MAG supports MPs quiz into new test fiasco
The House of Commons Transport Select Committee is to hold an official inquiry in to the Driving Standards Agency's handling of the new motorcycle riding test that has resulted in widespread reports of injured riders and inadequate test facilities. MAG welcomed the announcement that MPs have heeded its calls for an inquiry, which comes after more than a year of campaigning for the DSA to make sure the test is safe and accessible for all riders.
27-07-09 Confusion has arisen over the reason for MAG’s decision to raise the
Confusion has arisen over the reason for MAG’s decision to raise the cost of membership. Our earlier press release identified the unrealistically low level of the membership subscription, £20 per annum for individuals, as the reason for the rise. Some editors have misunderstood the reason as being a low number of members.
16-07-09 Hawg Haven founder dies
Terry ‘Nobby’ Clarke, one of the duo who formed Norfolk-based custom shop Hawg Haven, died suddenly on July 3.
03-07-09 MAG Seeks Compensation For Theft Victims
The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is pressing for the victims of motorcycle theft to be eligible for financial compensation. MAG consider it outrageous that those who have already suffered the inconvenience and emotional stress of having their bikes stolen should then be billed before they can get their property back. Many victims of theft are horrified to receive substantial bills for the recovery and storage of their bikes.
01-07-09 MAG Raises Membership Subscription
After lengthy deliberation MAG has decided to raise subscription rates from £20 to £25 for single membership. The decision has been arrived at reluctantly and reflects a recognition of the unrealistically low level of the membership subscription in relation to MAG’s present agenda and ambitions. The need for the rise has been further necessitated by the loss of funding from a major event that had to be cancelled last year due to foul weather.
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