28-06-11 BRUM DEMO 2ND JULY 2011 - BE HEARD!!
While we appreciate that many of us work shifts/ have families/ live far away, we urge you all to to make it to Birmingham this Saturday, 2nd July for the Brum Demo.
28-06-11 Proof speed cameras work! Or perhaps don't....
Road Safety Minister Mike Penning has yesterday announced, that as a result of the findings of a working group he set up in January, local authorities and Police forces are going to have to provide all the info they have about speed cameras.
28-06-11 COMPULSORY protective clothing for novices from next month?
1st July sees the spectre of compulsory protective clothing come one step closer. This is not about Day-glo or reflective clothing, but rather 'protective' clothing.
20-06-11 Vive le demo!!
June 18th 2011 and bikers in France decide that Government proposals to ban all bikes over 7 years old from urban areas is a bad idea. So too the proposals for dayglo clothing, large number plates for bikes and hugely increased speeding fines as well as going straight to jail 30mph over the limit.
17-06-11 DSA searches for casual hire sites for module one motorcycle test
The DSA issued a press release today asking for help finding new motorcycle test sites after years saying there was no need for extra sites and turning down every possible location that was presented to them.
17-06-11 MAG(UK) statement in support of French opposition to draconian new road laws
Fraternal greetings, to our fellow riders and all supporters of the Union des Usagers de la Route, from the 60,000 individual and affiliated members of the Motorcycle Action Group in the UK. We fully support your opposition to those who seek to impose their view of the world on even the most basic human activities.
17-06-11 Government relaunch THINK! campaign to improve rider safety
A new THINK! campaign to help cut the number of motorcyclists killed and injured on Britain's roads was launched today by Road Safety Minister Mike Penning
15-06-11 Supporting the French against compulsory dayglo et al - Saturday 18th June
The French are facing a raft of new domestic legislation; compulsory day-glo, immediate jail terms for those breaking the speed limit by 30mph, the removal of radar warning signs, bigger number plates for bikes so that owners can be identified, confiscation of any gadget that has the ability to map the location of speed cameras (i-phones, gps), removing the right to filter through traffic..
07-06-11 Ride to Work Day 2011 calls for participants
National Ride to Work Day (20 June) -- an event designed to show how enjoyable the daily commute can be on a motorcycle -- is calling for bikers and non-bikers to participate in the 2011 event.
03-06-11 Please support Brighton MAG!
Brighton MAG have 2 petitions on their website, one to open up Brighton Bus Lanes to motorcycles & one about secure motorcycle parking, please show your support and sign these petitions.
02-06-11 Compulsory Day-Glo for Bikers
"The French plan to force all motorcyclists to wear dayglo vests is as naive as it is outrageous" says The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).
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