30-05-07 Avoid the Deadly Diesel
For 2007 KillSpills held a completely different event on the 26th May at Donington Park race circuit which coincided with Future Publishing?s Bikefest UK event.
17-05-07 North Lanarskhire Scramble and Quad Bike club seeking support....
NLSQBC is a recreational off road club run for and by the members. It was formed by Bob Reid as a result of the misuse of Moto-Crossers and Quad bikes in the North Lanarkshire and surrounding areas.
14-05-07 MRTA - Try Out New Bike Test
Motorcycle rider trainers will get their first opportunity to try out the new bike test for themselves ahead of its introduction in October 2008, as the Motorcycle Rider Trainers Association (MRTA) puts on a special trial event this summer.
14-05-07 ?Now?s The Time To Get Your Motorcycle Licence? Say The Motorcycle Industry
As details of new motorcycle licence test arrangements for late 2008 are finalised by the Government, the Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is launching a major campaign to encourage people to take up motorcycling and get their full licence.
Villagers in Stanton-by-Bridge, near where the ?Safe With MAG? event is being run, have kick started a bid to block what they call an ?invasion? by bikers.
01-05-07 Brunstrom - Should He Stay Or Should He Go - Now!
The Motorcycle Action Group fully support the family of Mark Gibney, the motorcyclist fatally injured in a tragic accident, whose images were disclosed to journalists by North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom.
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