30-11-18 MAG meets Mayor Khan: and itís good news
MAG has held a long-awaited meeting with Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The result of the exchange gives room for optimism amongst the motorcycling community.
20-11-18 MAG on Government approach to bike theft: Ďlucky in London, lazy in Britainí
MAG has been fighting motorcycle theft - and challenged the Home Office to do more. The Governmentís self-congratulatory approach was condemned by MAGís Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown.
18-11-18 MAG asks: Road Safety - what do you think?
As motorcyclists, we donít ride out hoping to be killed or seriously injured. We all have a vested interest in staying alive. So whatís gone wrong with the road safety agenda, and why are we made to feel like the accused instead of the victims?
16-11-18 MAG asks: Clean Air Zones - logic or tragic?
MAG claims modal shift to motorcycles reduces congestion and pollution in the UK. MAGís guidance document clearly shows the evidence - in a manner that hasnít been challenged by ANY audience so far. What do YOU think?
15-11-18 MAG asks: Bus Lanes - to bike or not to bike?
AG asks: do you want us to continue our successful campaign for motorcycle access to bus lanes? Nationally, more and more transport authorities are seeing the sense in adopting a bus lanes access policy for bikers, with Nottingham City Council the latest to announce a trial.
12-11-18 MAG revs up for NEC Motorcycle Live show
MAG is gearing up for this yearís Motorcycle Live show, which is one of the countryís premier annual motorcycle events
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