25-09-12 One year on
It's been one year since 40,000+ riders across the UK demonstrated that they wouldn't take non evidence-based, anti-bike legislation lying down ....
24-09-12 New scooter club affiliate
We would like to extend a warm welcome the 'All or Nothing Scooter Club' who have just affiliated to MAG! Thanks for showing your support.
21-09-12 UK Press highlights threat of EU wide RWT.... at last!!
Super MoT threatens higher costs and restrictions - not a new threat we've warned about .... but now this has made headline news because guess what, the press has realised it will also affect cars!! Trying not to say we told you so, but we did!
21-09-12 France drops the idea of banning older bikes from cities
After much campaigning by FFMC (MAG's sister organisation in France) we hear that the French Government have now scrapped the idea of banning older vehicles from city centres.
21-09-12 Another Council adopt MAG stickers
West Lindsey District Council are the latest to start placing MAG's Diesel Spills Kill stickers on their refuse vehicles. The Lincolnshire council was inspired by the work of Wend, Dave and all at Mid Lincs MAG and Triumph riding councillor Alan Caine. West Lindsey are now procuring refuse vehicles for the whole county, so it looks like the yellow stickers will be appearing everywhere!
19-09-12 Tracking Device special offer to MAG members
Tracking devices are really proving themselves to be a useful tool in the fight against bike theft and MAG are delighted to offer a 24 saving for members on a tracker kit from Mototracker.
13-09-12 Tracking device leads to arrest of bike thieves
A stolen Honda Hornet fitted with a TRACKER unit led Metropolitan Police to premises in North London recently where they uncovered an organised crime ring that targeted motorcycles.
05-09-12 New bike tolls on the Stelvio Pass!
MAG has just received the shocking news from Coordinamento Italiano Motociclisti (CIM) (MAG's Italian equivalent) that a toll of 10 Euro is to be levied on the Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps. This will be the same for cars and bikes.
05-09-12 Mike Penning replaced as Roads Minister
Yesterday's cabinet reshuffle saw Mike Penning MP move to the Northern Ireland Office, probably in a supporting role to colleague Teresa Villiers, and a new man take up the reins in Transport.
04-09-12 Government to support W2W
The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) has today announced that it has been awarded a grant of 50,000 to facilitate the building of a national network for Wheels to Work (W2W).
04-09-12 Derby County Council asks for local MAG help
Redevelopment in Buxton town centre will see the bike park (and car parking) removed from some areas. Because of MAG's work on other issues, Peak and District MAG have been asked to advise Derbyshire County Council on where to place new, secure bike parking.
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