14-04-2008 FEMA and FIM strengthen user cooperation to face motorcycling challenges

Issued 14th April 2008

FEMA and FIM-CMT presidents met in Amsterdam to reiterate the need for both organisations to work together to face motorcycling challenges in Europe and worldwide.

This Sunday April 13th, FEMA newly elected President, Hans Petter Strifeldt travelled from Oslo (Norway) to The Netherlands, home country of Achilles Damen, President of FIM?s Commission for Mobility and Transport (CMT), where a meeting was organised to discuss current challenges facing the motorcycling community.

At this meeting, motorcycling challenges were discussed and the need for mutual collaboration and support was reiterated by both parties.

The close link between sport activities and road riding issues was once more highlighted.

Enhancing the dialogue between users to be able to defend strong common positions was therefore recognized to be priority issue.

Further collaboration between users, at all political levels, has been called for by both FEMA and FIM-CMT Presidents.



More information on FIM-CMT website and FEMA website

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