Daily Archives: 14/02/2008

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) challenged figures released in a recent Parliamentary Committee of Public Accounts report which suggested that motorcycle VED evasion rates were as high as 40%. This headline grabbing figure was picked up by the national media which portrayed motorcyclists as habitual law breakers and VED […]

VED Evasion – True Figures

MAG members seeking a mortgage in the current credit squeeze can now benefit from a blinding new offer. West Riding Personal Financial Solutions Limited – Motto “Honest Advice in Plain English” – is totally waiving its normal £295 mortgage arrangement fee for MAG members and MAG members only. Based in […]

Spend £20 to save £295

Motorcyclists should get an apology. Barely three weeks ago, the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee claimed in a well-publicised report that nearly 40 per cent of motorcyclists were evading the payment of vehicle excise duty (VED). Today, in a remarkable and embarrassing turnaround, the latest Department for Transport (DfT) […]

Embarrassment For Department For Transport