25th Sept 2011 – Action Now! EU Hands Off Biking

This has really taken off and it is great to see so many people coming on board, joining something that the Motorcycle Action Group has organised and members have worked so hard towards.

Please remember that we are doing this as a show of strength to make our representatives sit up and take notice and realise that Motorcyclists have a voice. We started this ball rolling with the Riders are Voters Campaign where we invited politicians to listen to our views and learn about the issues that effect Riders.

Remember, all rules of the road still apply. Ride safely, keep left and respect other road users. Don’t use the hard shoulder, to wait with a mate if they break down. Wait at the next exit as there will be increased Highways Agency patrols monitoring the area’s on the day. Ride as an individual and have a great & safe day. Please disperse after 20mins – our point will have been made.

All Riders are reminded that their vehicle must be road legal and they must hold the relevant driving licence for the road that they will be using.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Riders to get together and speak as a whole community. Let’s give a positive show of unity and the positive press will follow.

Ride safe everyone and thank you again for all of your support. Please also remember that all runs start at 1pm prompt – so don’ be late!

For your nearest start point, click on this link: