A new Campaigns Co-ordinator is appointed at MAG Central Office

A bumper set of contributions from MAG’s events this year has enabled the lobbying group to take on a new campaigner.

Paddy Tyson MA has been engaged on a contractual basis for six months to co-ordinate local MAG group political activity in the lead up to the next General Election.
The campaign builds on the 1997 Bikers Are Voters Campaign which MAG ran to bring riders’ concerns to politicians.
The Government Motorcycle Advisory Group was established in the wake of MAG’s campaign and drafted the Government’s Motorcycle Strategy that has seen a number of pro-motorcycle policies adopted. It has also promoted the education of other road users to encourage them to look out for bikes as reflected by TV ads.
Paddy comes to MAG with an impressively relevant CV that includes extensive foreign motorcycle adventures and  an MA in political activism.
MAG President Ian Mutch said, ‘we thank all those who have supported MAG events throughout the year and all MAG members who have maintained their membership in the economic downturn. MAG groups around the country have pulled out the stops after a disastrous fall in income from events last year due to foul weather. MAG in Yorkshire deserve particular thanks for beating previous efforts with a record donation.’
MAG emphasise that Paddy’s engagement is for six months only and whether or not that can be extended will depend on how many decide to back the riders’ movement with an annual subscription to give the group the financial stability it needs to plan long term.