ACU & TRF Agree Landmark Rights of Way Deal

The Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and the Trial Riders Fellowship (TRF) have agreed a new deal that will help secure the future of many Rights of Way across the country.

As National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in the UK, the ACU are one of a number of “Statutory Bodies” appointed to by Government to receive notices and notifications about changes to Rights of Way across the UK. These range from the simple re direction of a footpath to the complex and wide ranging implications of the on going Cross Rail development in London.

Once sorted, information and notices relevant to motorcycle sport and recreation are disseminated to a network of local ACU and other volunteers who can take whatever action they feel necessary in light of the information they receive.

However, a significant decline in the number of individuals prepared to receive and handle this information over recent years has meant that the whole system has slowly lost its efficiency in many areas of the UK.

The new deal between the ACU and the TRF will see all future notices being sent directly to the TRF for distribution amongst both the existing Respondents and active TRF members in relevant areas of the UK.

Andy Gerrard, Chairman of the TRF is delighted with the new deal,

“We have been discussing this with the ACU for some time, and I am personally delighted that we have agreed this new system,” explained Gerrard.

“The lack of volunteers on the ground willing to undertake this work has become a serious flaw in the system and is an issue for both the TRF and ACU. I am confident that with a combination of the existing ACU Respondents and some of our active TRF members we will be better able to give all relevant Rights of Way notices the attention that they require” he continued.

ACU Business Development Manager Dave Luscombe is equally delighted with the new agreement,

“Access to Rights of Way is fundamental to both motorcycle sport and recreation,” explained Luscombe.

“At a time when the volunteer ?work force? is declining across all sectors, it is vitally important that organisations with similar agendas and objectives work together to achieve the results that they both need. It has been a pleasure to work with Andy to reach this deal and I believe that this marks the beginning of a closer working relationship between the two organisations for the wider benefit of all sporting and recreational motorcyclists” explained Luscombe.

For more information on the new ACU-TRF Respondent Scheme, please contact either Dave Luscombe at or Andy Gerrard at