Advice for MCE customers

On 19 November 2021, MCE Insurance Company Limited (MICL) was placed into administration, being no longer able to pay claims. FSCS declared the firm in default and is stepping in to protect the majority of policies MICL sold to individuals and small businesses in the UK.


If your insurance is with MCE Insurance Company Limited, you must arrange alternative insurance.  If you’ve had notice that your insurance policy will end, you will need to have alternative insurance in place before that date. Motor insurance is compulsory – it’s an offence to use your vehicle without it. .


If you are unsure who you are currently insured with check.  Ignorance will not be a defence for riding without insurance.  We are hearing that not all affected customers have received notification, in some cases due to address changes, so if you have any doubt check.

The most reliable source for up to date advice and information is the Financial Services Compensation Scheme website:  

The FSCS will be administering all compensation payments and you can sign up for update emails on the FSCS website,

A key issue is that it is vital that MCE’s records for affected parties need to be correct – so do check that your address details are correctly held by MCE.


MAG have also received the below advice from our preferred insurer Bikesure:

The below relates to those MCE customers who have been told their policy is ending on the 31st Jan due to the administration of Green Realisations 123 Ltd:


For those customers whose MCE policy is ending on the 31st January as a result of the administration, any no claims earnt during that policy term will be null from MCE. So if for example your MCE policy was into its 11 month when the 31st Jan comes, that 11 months can’t be honoured from your policy. To try and help you, we at Bikesure have agreements in place with a number of our insurers that if you’ve been insured with MCE for nine months or more and have been claim free during this time, we will honour that as a years no claims bonus when we quote you. For anyone that falls outside of the nine months, although we can’t honour one years no claims bonus, we may still be able to look favourably on your circumstances when quoting you as we appreciate the situation you are in.


For anyone wishing to take advantage of the Bikesure accelerated no claims bonus offering, we’d just need a copy of the MCE policy schedule or statement of fact showing the policy start date, as proof of your bonus should you take out a policy with us so no need to chase MCE.


Change of address – speaking in relation to Bikesure practises, we need to be advised of address changes immediately as it can cause indemnity issues on claims or even invalidate a policy if, for example, you move to an address that your current insurer is unable to provide cover for.

You’ll need to contact your broker to update your address details and they’ll advise the effect this has on your policy.


For insurance to continue, a new policy must be in force from 1st February. For queries on refunds, visit


When seeking alternative quotations, you do not need to note that you’ve had a policy cancelled or voided as a result of the administration.