Anglian Water Gets A Grip of their responsibilities

Last August a MAG member contacted Peterborough MAG regarding a number of worn & loose manhole covers along Church Street in Werrington. The Peterborough MAG Group took this up immediately and have been having on-going talks since.

Last week Dave Burkill from Danaher & Walsh (Anglian Water Contractors) invited Peterborough MAG along to Church Street to give advice from a motorcyclist’s point of view re the using of the composite covers.

So Friday 8th Feb saw Dave & Tink (P’boro MAG reps), Dave & Tony (Danaher & Walsh) & Faye (Ultracrete) meet up to discuss the fitting of composite covers taking into account the benefits to motorcyclists. After lengthy discussions at each manhole cover, 9 have been identified as a possible problem to motorcyclists and are being recommended to trial with composite covers.

So with the site visit complete, everyone settled down for coffee in the local pub. Dave Burkill then proceeded to show us all photos of locations where other manhole covers are due to be replaced in the Peterborough area and promptly asked for the rep’s advice.

Peterborough MAG continues to strengthen their relationship with all involved in the Get A Grip process and Anglian Water have now announced sites where more non-slip composites will be fitted.

Please continue to report worn, loose, cracked, missing or dangerously placed covers……You can make a difference!

You can report potholes in a number of ways:

Complete the form in the Get A Grip link
Phone Peterborough Council 747474 or report on line: