Significant developments in the business of this years AGC are being notified to MAG members.

1. Election of the National Chairman of MAG(UK)
After three terms in office as MAG’s National Chairman, Jane Chisholm has announced that she will be stepping down at the AGC. This leaves one of the most important volunteer posts in MAG open to new candidates.

Jane’s message to the membership reads: “I’m really sorry to have to make this decision at this late stage, but I can’t stand for the chair of MAG at AGC for the next year. This is due to the failing health of my parents, who cannot cope without more help following a recent stay in hospital. I had hoped that I might manage another year, but it is now apparent that family circumstances mean I would not be able to commit anything like the same time and energy to MAG this year.”

MAG members of more than 12 months standing (prior to nomination) are eligible for election.

Nominations, signed by the Candidate, their proposer and seconder (who must be current MAG members), along with the Candidates’ manifesto (no more than 1,200 words). Nominations and manifestos must be received by Central office before midnight on Friday 27th March 2009. The address for Central Office is; MAG(UK), PO Box 750, Rugby, CV21 3ZR.

At this time, one nomination has been has been notified to Central: Paul Turner (Cumbria Regional Rep), proposed by Fergus O’Connell (National Vice Chairman and Clubs Liaison Officer), seconded by Greg Philipson (North East Regional Rep)

2. Late proposal for a national campaign
“East Yorkshire MAG propose (after a unanimous vote) that MAG (UK) prepare and implement a national campaign, to protect the liberty and freedom of motorcyclists, travelling on the public highways from overzealous and discriminatory policing.”

Proposed by Jol Lawson membership number 97448 Seconded by John Metcalfe membership number 117378

NB: Although received after the advertised submission date, this proposal has been brought forward at the discretion of the National Committee.

Details of the 2009 Annual Group Conference
Saturday 4th April 2009 at Hurworth Grange, Hurworth on Tees near Darlington, Co. Durham. Proceedings start at 11:00am.

All current MAG members are invited to attend, voting on production of a valid membership card.

Camping is available on Friday and Saturday at the venue. Bars open Friday night at venue. Saturday night party with two bands. Hotels and B&B’s within 1-2 miles radius.

Venue contact details: 1 Hurworth Road, Hurworth Place, Darlington, Co Durham DL2 2BN Tel: 01325 720840.

Please see venue website for pics and info:-