Another Scooter Club joins MAG

MAG would like to welcome the All or Nothing Scooter Club, who have affiliated to us through the work of the Coventry MAG group.

‘All or Nothing’ are a well established club with 67 members and one of their guys “Kingy” became active within Coventry MAG early in the group’s inception. Having taken an interest in all the local campaigns i.e. bike access to Bus Lanes and the fitting of secure bike parking along with the various EU proposals, Kingy fed the information back to his club. This go-between demonstrated to the members of ‘All or Nothing’ just what local MAG activists do on behalf of all riders, ultimately leading to their decision to afilliate to MAG as a club.

Recently Coventry MAG joined in with All or Nothing SC on their annual charity run to the RNIB, a well organised run which raised an incredible £557.65 at the Christmas Fayre, and If you add on the £400 cheque kindly donated by Warwickshire Scooter Alliance, that brings the total money raised to £957.65! 

Coventry MAG are looking forward to working with these guys in the future and of course, while appreciating the importance of afilliated membership, will be highlighting all the benefits of upgrading to full individual MAG membership.