Armadillos’ for Cycle Lanes are not approved by the DfT

MAG is gravely concerned to discover that the plastic ‘armadillos’ being promoted to add physical barriers to separate cycle lanes from general traffic lanes have NEVER been approved for use on UK roads by the Department for Transport.

The discovery emerged today from a meeting between MAG’s Campaigns and Policy Adviser, Dr Leon Mannings and officers from TfL and the London Borough of Kingston to discuss plans for armadillos to be installed as part of a Mini Holland Scheme on the Borough’s roads. These devices are designed to be bolted to roads to delineate cycle lanes and create intermittent barriers to deter cars from entering the cycle lane– but it was admitted today that they also create a new trip hazard for pedestrians and impact could cause riders of motorcycles and cycles to lose control.

MAG has today raised its concerns about this issue with senior officers at TfL and the London Borough of Kingston.