Bedford opens its bus lanes to bikes!

Bedford Borough Council is the latest forward thinking and enlightened council to open its bus lanes to motorcycle and moped use.

MAG is delighted that all powered two wheelers in Bedford will, from September 16th have access to all the bus lanes in the town. The 16th has been chosen to coincide with the launch of EU Mobility week which aims to promote alternative transport solutions to ease congestion. Of course mobility week fails to mention motorcycles, but Bedford recognises the part PTWs have to play and are launching an 18 month trial.

As with every other trial in the country, we are sure that this one will find favourably, enabling the provision of a protected zone for vulnerable moped users and providing encouragement for more motorcycle and less car use in the town. Bedford’s traffic is constrained by river and railway crossing points, leading to excessive congestion, even though the southern and now western bypasses are open.

The town centre needs personal mobility to help it remain vibrant and with the College in the centre of town attracting more young independently mobile students every year, MAG is pleased that the Borough Council is taking this progressive step. It is now up to riders to act responsibly and not abuse the scheme.