Bedford’s Mayor leads the way!

The Mayor of Bedford Borough Council, Dave Hodgson, was leading the way on an electric scooter recently, when he showed MAG’s Paddy Tyson the site Bedford has chosen to begin trials on non-slip composite access covers and non-slip crack infill.

It was cold, wet and a perfect example of the kind of day when consistent grip levels are important to two wheelers.

Mayor Hodgson was accompanied by Mark Hathaway on the Council’s F650 BMW safety bike, the fire service’s Steve Logan on the similar 650 fire bike and two MAG members and GET A GRIP! supporters from Bedford, John Roche and Jenny Russell on their VFR and ER5 respectively.

Bedford has recently opened its bus lanes to motorcycle use, is improving parking facilities and now setting the regional standard in advancing motorcycle safety by embracing new, high grip technology. A full article of the day’s events and an expansion on just what Bedford is doing to improve road safety for riders, is coming soon.

In the meantime, MAG wants to thank Mayor Hodgson and all the team at Bedford Borough for their support and forward thinking and reminds everyone to visit to sign the petition.