Biker jailed for 166mph is mad BUT

MAG condemns the madness of the biker convicted of riding at 166mph on an A road in Scotland – BUT – asks if the law is failing in its commitment to be consistent and proportionate in sentencing.

MAG notes that the nine month prison sentence is poignantly identical to that recently handed down to a motorist who caused an accident which resulted in the death of a motorcyclist and injury to his son.
MAG President Ian Mutch said:
‘Travelling at 166mph on any A road is lunatic behaviour but lunacy cannot be the sole factor in determining sentencing policy. For the law to be recognised as just it must be consistent and I suspect that the magistrates in this case have let outrage blind them to that responsibility.’

He added,
‘Let’s be crystal clear about this. Travelling at astronomic speed on public roads warrants serious sentencing BUT if nine months is deemed appropriate for a rider travelling at high speed but hurting no one then a driver whose hazardous behaviour causes death should surely deserve a higher penalty. Magistrates should be accountable for major discrepancies in sentencing or the law loses respect.’