Bikers – an endangered species

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is deeply concerned by the dramatic fall in popularity of motorcycles among the young. According to DVSA data, just 353 young people in the 16 to 17-year-old age range took their A1 practical tests in 2013/14, plummeting dramatically from 3294 who took the test in the previous 2012/13 period, a decline of almost 90%.

The news confirms MAG’s worst concerns about the effects of the cost, complexity and availability of the current motorcycle test. For years MAG has been in discussion with the government agencies responsible for determining the style and content of the test but has had to contend with extreme obstinacy from some parties within the Driving Standards Agency. Given the obvious benefits economically and environmentally that motorcycles can offer; it is irresponsible to discourage people from taking advantage of this transport mode. Motorcycles offer economic use of road space both when parked and when moving and can address the financial and mobility challenges of many people. Like bicycles, motorcycles are single-track vehicles and therefore enjoy the logic of geometry in utilizing spaces that are not available to twin track vehicles. They are part of an elegant solution to 21st century resource issues.

MAG calls on The Government to rethink its policy toward powered two wheelers and switch from discouraging to encouraging their use through a more reasonable licensing regime.