Bikers’ group MAG applauds Birmingham bus lane decision

MAG applauds the decision by Birmingham City Council to open its bus lanes to motorcycles.

In an effort to make more effective and efficient use of its roads, Birmingham City Council recently completed an experiment allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes. The policy allows motorcyclists to see and be seen in congested traffic.
The Birmingham experiment confirmed the experience of other towns and cities, that allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes was beneficial to motorcyclists, with no disadvantages to other road users.
MAG in Birmingham and nation-wide has been campaigning on this issue for years, first winning access to bus lanes throughout Bristol in 1996.
London opened all of its major route bus lanes to motorcycles recently and now the second biggest city in the country has followed suit.
MAG President Ian Mutch said ‘There seems to be an outbreak of sanity among local authorities all over the country, this is great news and shows how MAG’s campaigning is helping to produce real results for riders.

Further information:
Ian Mutch: 020 8556 6495
Nich Brown: 01788 570450