Bikes in the Park

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) express grave concerns at the North Wales police proposal to consider banning motorcycles from the National Park.

MAG won’t deny that there is a problem with a minority of irresponsible riders but penalising everyone for the lunacy or misfortune of a few is an outrageous abuse of authority.

Whilst MAG sympathises with those who have to deal with the consequences of these tragedies and do not in any way condone irresponsible or dangerous riding we feel that the police should stick to policing and targeted enforcement.

A number of years ago a similar clamour for banning bikes in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales was headed off by MAG intervention who put forward rational and informed argument which won the day.

MAG’s Campaigns Manager David Short said, “The notion that all bikers should be banned from anywhere on the public road network is draconian and indicative of a simplistic approach to a problem which has been more constructively addressed by innovative police forces up and down the country”.


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