Bikes now account for 20% of all auto theft

Figures derived from Police data by Retainagroup Ltd, show the number of bikes stolen has dropped from 26,608 in 2006 to 21,928 last year.

Worryingly though, bikes now represent more than one-in-five of all vehicle thefts, having gone from representing 16.8% of all vehicles stolen in 2006 to 21.69% last year.

The Motorcycle Action Group says there are a number of factors behind this rise:

  • Police resources for investigating motorcycle theft have been cut-back over recent years.
  • Government has reduced its spending on motorcycle crime prevention.
  • Local Auhorities rarely provide suitable secure public parking.
  • Motorcycle manufacturers have not matched the efforts of the industry in designing-out vulnerability to theft.
  • Insurers attitude to reducing motorcycle claims needs to be improved.
  • Some riders do not use security devices consistently.

Bikes belonging to members of the Motorcycle Action Group are protected by the offer of a cash reward for information leading to the conviction of anyone responsible for stealing a MAG member’s bike.

Compared to the fact that motorcycles make up only 1% of traffic, this figure is shocking and is certainly ammunition for our campaign to get more secure parking spaces for bikes in our towns and cities.