While we appreciate that many of us work shifts/ have families/ live far away, we urge you all to to make it to Birmingham this Saturday, 2nd July for the Brum Demo.

Things are changing fast within Europe and complaining after the event is often too late, so Brum this year is specifically drawing attention to the following:

  • The Euro Regulation on its way through the legislative process that desires compulsory ABS/ linked brakes, anti tampering on the powertrain from airbox to rear tyre size, compulsory headlight use, onboard diagnostics etc
  • Then there’s the threat of compulsory day-glo/reflective clothing as is proposed in our neighbours Ireland and France.
  • And the power for the authorities to make roadside checks of bikes for ‘road worthiness’, as part of the broader pan-euro road worthiness proposals advocated by the private companies TuV and DEKRA.
  • We should also show our support for the French who are facing a ban on filtering and a ban on bikes over 7 years old being used in urban areas.

Please come along at midday for a 1pm start to: 
Hare and Hounds, Lickey road, Rednall B45 8UU

It’s been a long time since riders have publicly demonstrated their  feelings about ill-judged legislation from Europe.

We look forward to seeing you there en masse, let’s show the French bikers that we know how to demonstrate too!