Bus Lanes – Motorcycling in the Right Lane

The Motorcycle Action Group welcomes the Government’s Traffic Advisory Leaflet in which it expresses support for facilitating motorcycling as a choice of travel within a safe and sustainable transport framework.

The document lists all the positive points that MAG has repeatedly made about the advantages of motorcycling to society in general and now revises former guidance that was biased against the principle of access to bus lanes by motorcyclists.

While final responsibility for bus lane access remains with local authorities, the shift in Central Government advice could prove critical in opening all bus lanes to motorcycles.

The acceptance of motorcycles as a legitimate and desirable element of transport strategy was a prime objective of MAG’s ‘Bikers Are Voters’ campaign, launched in the 1997 General election campaign.

Following that election, MAG achieved another of its objectives which was the establishment of a Government Motorcycle Advisory Group to assess motorcycle issues. MAG was granted access to that group which has enabled the representation of motorcycle issues at the highest level.

This level of consultation in tandem with MAG’s sustained lobbying of MPs and councils via its nation-wide local group structure has finally persuaded the Government to find in favour of the principle of bus lane access by motorcycles.

MAG Director of Public Affairs said, “We’ve spent a long time banging this drum and it’s good to see that the government at last likes the sound we’re making.”



View Traffic Advisory Leaflet 2/07 The Use of Bus Lanes by Motorcycles Here (PDF 542kb)