Calling all Riders in London!

If you can be at the Ace Cafe on Monday lunchtime (preferably with your bike), the BBC want to record riders’ views about the state of the roads for a series of reports that will be broadcast over a whole week.

They want to talk about potholes – we have tried to explain that damage to the roads also includes broken/slippery manhole covers (often potholes form around damaged covers), bad repairs, overbanding, etc. all of which cause unnecessary damage to bikes and their riders.

If you can go along and get a chance to speak, please say that potholes are linked to damaged manholes, cracks in the road surface and all the
other things that damage bikes and riders.

Please mention the ‘Get A Grip’ campaign: the Motorcycle Action Group is working with councils and the highway industry to create good levels of
grip across the whole road because motorcyclists use the whole width of the road.

Take a look at for more information about the campaign.

Thanks for your help.