Cambridgeshire encourage people to buy and to use motorcycles.

Cambridgeshire has launched a trial of motorcycle access to bus lanes.  The County Council want to encourage people to buy and use motorcycles.

Cambridgeshire encourage people to use motorcycles
main image courtesy of Wheels Motorcycles

The Council opened the Elizabeth Way bus lane to motorcyclists and full electric cars on 14th December 2020.  Local MAG activists campaigned for motorcycle access for many years.  Importantly, local MP, Daniel Zeichner, supports calls for motorcycle access.  Finally, the lobbying has been rewarded with the start of this new trial.

The trial is being implemented on an experimental basis and will be reviewed after six months.  The Council will consider whether access should be made permanent after the trial period.  Under the trial, access for full electric cars will also be tested.

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson said:

“We’re keen to improve air quality and encourage people to travel more sustainably. With this in mind, we have started a trial which allows Zero Emission Vehicles and motorcycles to use the bus lane on Elizabeth Way.

“Should the trial be successful, then Councillors will consider whether the initiative should be continued and widened to other bus lanes across Cambridgeshire.”

Encouraging people to buy and use motorcycles.

Speaking on behalf of MAG, Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, said:

“Local MAG members are delighted.  They have put a great deal of work into promoting the idea to the Council.  We also thank local MP, Daniel Zeichner, who has been a great help.

I especially welcome the unequivocal statement from the Council: – They want to encourage people to buy and use motorcycles.”

The Council state in the documented ‘Statement of Reasons’:

“Motor cycles are more fuel-efficient and use less road space than cars, so the Council wishes to encourage greater use of them. Allowing motor cycles to use bus lanes is an additional incentive for people to purchase and use powered two wheelers in preference to private cars. Motor cycle use of bus lanes could have some safety benefits, as it would reduce the likelihood of motor cyclists weaving between lanes of slow moving traffic to avoid queues.”