Compulsory Day-Glo for Bikers

“The French plan to force all motorcyclists to wear dayglo vests is as naive as it is outrageous” says The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).

MAG claim there is no clear evidence that high visibility clothing leads to a reduced accident rate among motorcyclists. That aside, the group claims there is something fundamentally immoral about criminalising the victims of accidents who refuse to adopt tactics designed to address the failings of those who cause them.

The move toward the adoption of high visibility clothing stems from the common excuse used by motorists; “I’m sorry I didn’t see you.”

MAG believes that visually seeing a motorcycle and mentally recognising it as an issue for a motorist are two distinct experiences. Furthermore there may be many instances in which, at the time that a motorist initiates a manoeuvre that leads to a collision, the motorcycle is not within the driver’s field of vision. In such cases high visibility clothing is completely irrelevant.

MAG UK will be supporting the French riders who are lobbying vigorously against this intrusive proposal and will fiercely resist any moves to make high visibility clothing mandatory in this country.

MAG President Ian Mutch said: “To criminalise thousands of innocent people unless they adopt a dress style which to many is totally unacceptable, reflects the ascendency of unsympathetic arrogance over common sense.”

If you thought that France was close enough to home then read on. The Irish Government has also indicated that they are looking into advocating the compulsory use of Hi-Viz jackets, going one step further in indicating that they would like to see all Riders wearing a full sleeved version.

MAG is organising a National demonstration to take place in Birmingham on 2nd July to protest against mounting European inteference in Biking. More details will follow when they become available.