Cafe Racer Kits

CRK is owned by riders. We exist to help riders build bikes that are individual, special and enjoyable. From the very beginning, our business has been about creating the opportunity to build the kind of motorcycle that we and other riders would love to own and ride.

Ever since motorcycles became available, modification has been a constant theme. There are as many reasons for modifying a motorcycle as there are riders, but whatever your reason, you’ll find yourself amongst like-minded enthusiasts here.

What do we do?

We design, specify and manufacture kits that convert standard motorcycles into something very different. We occupy the space between building a motorcycle from scratch or asking a custom builder to build it for you.

How does it work?

Buying a kit from CRK offers you the chance to experience the satisfaction of hands-on building with confidence that many of the issues are worked out. You’ll receive your parts, full instructions and backup from us here at CRK. Our kits are designed to fit and work with your bike, so you enjoy the build and the ride afterwards.

What’s different about CRK?

We place an emphasis on using UK suppliers, engineers, manufacturers and craftspeople. This means that many of our kits and parts are manufactured by hand in the UK. You’re buying quality that is specified for your motorcycle. All in a kit.

We believe in what we do and back it. We’re here to support before, during and after your build.

Ready? build something special!