Watt to Wear

Watt to wear supply teams, businesses, and clubs with branded garments and accessories. We have a range of off-the-shelf items and bespoke garments to meet your requirements. We can manufacture garments in your chosen colours, and embroider your branding to compile an image that is unique to your company.

Watt to Wear embroiders in-house, enabling us to achieve the highest of standards at all times. We can match your logo colours with the wide range of threads we have available. In some instances, the best results are achieved through transfer printing, or a combination of printing and embroidery.

In the case of printing we also offer our in house dye sublimation printing process to enhance our ever expanding range of products. We are able to use this digital printing technology to reproduce full colour photographic quality images onto fabric. The possibilities are endless, with fabrics to personalise jacket trims and linings for our made to order garments, snoods, bespoke polo shirts, bibs, banners and more.

Watt to Wear continually strives to produce garments of the highest quality. We oversee all aspects of production of the order to ensure that the finished article meets full expectation.