Dartford Crossing – Struck by the Barrier

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG UK) are proud to have helped negotiate free passage for bikers at the Dartford Crossing, an arrangement that has been in place for a number of years now.

However, bikers still encounter problems through a lack of understanding of how to negotiate the toll barriers.

In some instances bikers have narrowly missed injury and sustained damage to their machines by going through at the wrong time.

On other occasions following car drivers have had barriers drop on their vehicles.

South East MAG Rep Stu Chivers heard about the problem when he attended a Dartford Tunnel user group forum and decided to take it on as a local campaign.

Stu, supported by MAG campaigns manager David Short, worked with the Dartford Tunnel and the Highways Agency to produce the leaflet.

The result is a simple but effective “Do’s and Don’ts” leaflet which is being widely distributed to bikers at shows and events across the country.

Lis Seymour from the Highways Agency says, “The Highways Agency is delighted to have worked with the Motorcycle Action Group in putting together this advice. It shows what can be done when you ask the right people!”

David Short, MAG Campaigns Manager says, “This demonstrates how effective MAG is at the local level, getting involved with local problems and delivering local solutions. It is partnership working at its best, making a positive difference to bikers”.


Notes for Editors

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  2. Lis Seymour, Highways Agency can be contacted on 01306 878436

  3. David Short, MAG Campaigns Manager can be contacted on:
    Telephone: 01347 822214
    Mobile: 077389 48080
    Email: campaigns-manager@mag-uk  

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