Date released for start of Bus Lane access trials in Brighton

Brighton MAG are pleased to announce that the scheme to permit motorcycle access to bus lanes – along the A259 and part of the A23 – is due to go live from 22nd April under an 18 month Experimental Traffic Order.

Brighton and Hove Council is being very proactive and has liaised with East Sussex County Council to ensure the A259 bus lane access crosses both boundaries to save some of the confusion that happens between the London Boroughs.

Brighton MAG has managed to get support from everyone involved – including the Chief Executive of the local bus company who (a couple of years ago) was vehemently against the idea.

B&H Council is working very close with Brighton MAG on a publicity campaign that will be launched at the end of March. Later updates will follow, which will include a detailed map showing where the scheme is operating, key safety features being put in by B&H Council and how it is being monitored.

Obviously, the scheme will be pulled if accident rates go up, or riders us the bus lanes irresponsibly, but as long as people don’t abuse the scheme, motorcyclists should gain access after the end of the trial.