Daytime Running Lights

MAG is resuming its opposition to the European regulation requiring cars to use headlights in daytime in the light of mounting evidence that this practise disadvantages vulnerable road users.

Dedicated lobby group ‘Lightmare’ is blaming a rise in casualties suffered by pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists on the increasing use of intensely bright car lights that render other road users comparatively inconspicuous.

Lightmare argues that the rise in road casualties in the UK since 2010 can be directly linked to an EU mandate from February 2011 stating that all cars should have daytime driving lights. It says that after the 2011 mandate, many vehicle manufacturers started introducing BiXenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights which it claims can cause temporary blindness and as a result accidents have increased.
Lightmare claims that the EU’s road safety advisors only did laboratory tests and did not consult ophthalmologists about the detrimental effect of BiXenon HID headlights on the eye.

MAG’s positive road safety philosophy emphasises the common sense priority of promoting good motoring practise with an emphasis on observation, caution and mutual respect by all road users. MAG’s approach does not favour the adoption of what the group considers to be gimmicks like the use of bright day running lamps in conditions when any competent road user should be able to see perfectly well.

MAG President Ian Mutch said: “It is time that the promotion of common sense displaced the eccentric, extravagant and counterproductive schemes that those in the road safety culture are often too eager to embrace.” He added; “Drivers who can’t see each other in the light of day without ludicrous levels of illumination should ask themselves whether they are fit to be in charge of motor vehicles.”